Night of Revival

Dear Saints, we are working in getting together for a “Revival Night of Prayer”.

We have been part of All Night Prayers in the past, but now, we are trying to be intentional about what we are about to receive.  We all need get quiet ourselves before the King of kings and the Lord of lords for our personal needs – but beyond that – we need to reach out to the Helm of His garments for the healing of this Nation.

Place and Time on the flyer that is attached!


For the first time, we are joining hands with several of the Spanish churches that night – as the Lord is creating the urgency in our hearts to pray for our cities.

Here are the needs to put forth before the presence of the Holy God (for Proverbs226):

  1. Sending 12 of our kids to college in the fall of 2015.
  2. Serving over 1200+ kids in 10 prisons between July and August
  3. Opening our Proverbs226 operations in Columbia, South America and translation work to have this the playbooks in Spanish.
  4. Prayerfully expanding our operations in Texas, Missouri and South Dakota
  5. More than anything, the oneness of spirit for


If you are in the Charlotte area, join us, as we humble ourselves our King!