These are questions and answers concerning Proverbs226 caregivers, children, inmates, events, activities, and programs.

Caregivers Ask… 

1. What if I move?

If a family relocates or if a caregiver makes changes to their current contact information, it is the responsibility of the caregiver to contact us with updated contact information. There is a form on this website to update your information.

2.  What if I need transportation?

You have the option to drive to any Proverbs226 event or activity that you are invited to.  For 2 events, “Forgive Me Dear” and “Celebrate Event,” we provide transportation from the following regional cities:

  • Charlotte
  • Columbia
  • Greenville
  • Charleston

You will travel to the closest city to ride the bus to the host church for that event or activity.

3. What is the age cut off for the children to participate in the programs?

For most programs, there is no cut off age unless specified, however, the “Back to School Backpack Event” is always for school age children entering 1st grade through 12th grade that year.

4. Can I volunteer for events?

You may volunteer for events outside the correctional facilities as long as you have been approved by the leader of that particular program. Please fill out the Volunteer Sign-up Form on this website.

5. What if I live out-of-state?

At the present time, Proverbs226 facilitates NC and SC. If you live in any other states, you are considered out-of-state, and you are welcome to join us if you are willing to make the trip. For “Forgive Me Dear,” we mail the new pair of tennis shoes to your child and for “Back to School Backpacks,” we will mail the book bag for your child. For both, you must verify your mailing address for shipping by filling out the Shipping Information Form on this website.

6. What if I, nor my children, have visitation priviledges?

The children must be on the Visitation List at the correctional facility where the father/mother is in order to be permitted to go inside to participate in any of our programs. This is the responsibility of the caregiver. Please contact your Warden’s office for more information. For visitation priviledges, the inmate has to be the child’s parent or guardian as shown on the birth certificate. This rule is implemented by the state, not Proverbs226. You, as the caregiver, will not need visitation for our inside programs because you will not be going inside. Your programs will be held at the host church for that correctional facility.

7. What if the inmate has a restriction for visitation?

There is a new policy being implemented for those inmates who have visitation restrictions, which must be approved by that facility. The policy is that if the inmate stays clean – no violations, no disruptions, no behavioral issues,  for 1 year, their restriction will be lifted.

8.  What if I have more than one child? and grandchildren?

When the inmate is completing the application process with Proverbs226 inside the prison,  he/she will provide as much information as they have for all of their legal children. Please continue to keep your contact information up to date.  At this time, Proverbs226 will not be able to accommendate step children who have not been legally adopted, and we cannot enroll grandchildren into our program.