Our Team

Cyril_2Cyril Prabhu



Cyril Prabhu, Information Architect, Served as a Senior Vice President at Bank of America and Senior Systems Manager has more than 20+ years of proven achievements in developing strategies and implementing integrated business and technology solutions in Corporate America.  He has a heart for the children and a deep desire to see youth reach their full potential. Cyril learned that children with a parent serving time in prison are far more likely to end up in prison versus those who do not. With the dream of freeing children from this likely “life sentence,” Cyril created Proverbs226 to be a support and encouragement network for these children.

Anthony Annibale  

Director of Strategy and Innovation

Anthony Annibale, serves as the Global VP Business Development, Diagnostics and Healthcare at Invetech Corporation. He leads Innovative and effective Business Development Leader possessing strong Technical, Business Strategy and Product Management expertise. His proven track record of delivering successful business results and driving innovation throughout the product development process while adapting to shifting demands and priorities.

Timothy F. Powers

Director of Government Relations

Timothy Powers, Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of Artemis Strategies, is a well-respected Washington, D.C. asset. Prior to co-founding Artemis Strategies in the fall of 2002, Mr. Powers operated PowerStrategies, a public affairs and government relations firm he founded. PowerStrategies’ clientele included corporations focused on issues in the high tech, telecommunications, tax, housing and financial services, and trade arenas. A Florida native, Mr. Powers is a graduate of Lee University (Cleveland, TN) with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. He and his wife Ellen have two children.

SabrinaLeclair_HeadshotSabrina LeClair  

Founder of Steps N Motion Dance Studio    


The way this organization embraces God’s children, giving hope where there is despair, mending relationships between parent, child and caregiver enables us all to see what God has planned. I have been involved most of my life with children and causes. I have seen firsthand how we as a community can impact those around us for the better. I am in awe everyday of the leadership that is represented by this board and the volunteers who give so that others can be blessed. Right here, right now we have the opportunity to make a difference that will have tremendous influence in communities across the country. Proverbs 226, reaching out, providing opportunities for families to reunite in faith and love is a huge inspiration to me. I am honored and blessed to be involved with this ministry. Director and Founder of Steps N Motion Dance Studio. Majored in Early Childhood Education and Dance at UNC Charlotte.

timothyTimothy Breault

Global Risk Management Executive –Bank of America  



Tim Breault, has worked for Bank of America for 15 years. He currently works as an Operations Executive supporting the Enterprise Credit and Operational Risk Organization. Tim has worked with or led various teams in Commercial Banking, Business Development & Strategy, Merger Transitions, and Consumer/Retail Operational Risk. He has experience in underwriting, analytics, statistics, process design, credit loss volatility, and operational risk. Tim joined Bank of America (Fleet Bank) in 1999 as a Credit Analyst and Portfolio Manager for Middle Market Banking in Albany, NY. Tim graduated from Siena College with a BS in Finance and later received his Master Black Belt certification from Bank of America. Tim lives in Huntersville, NC with his wife and 3 children.

Cecilia Reynolds


Director of Prison Relations  

Cecilia Reynolds, is a Professional correctional consultant. Works with the national institute of corrections for department of Justice facilitating state prisons in how to perform security audits. Being a woman working in corrections takes strength. So does pulling a Ford F-150 truck.  She is the champion weightlifter and an all-around barrier-buster. After serving over 20 years, as a Warden got the Department of Corrections in South Carolina.  And now, she is working with the Wardens, as we onboard new prisons.