Are you a general or a grasshopper?

Dear Saints of the Living God – Grace and Mercy to you and your family…
Worshiping the Lord in the morning re-discovers our heart, mind and soul and where we have the Lord in our life.   I always remember what Pastor Rick Warren said about this topic, in one of his chapters in the book, the purpose driven life, he defines what worship means, “anything that brings smile in the face of our heavenly father, is worship” – I am not quoting exactly to what he wrote, in essence that’s what he is saying… it is a life-style.  
We could be racing against time in this world… but still, we can worship the Lord with our actions.    Today morning, I am inviting you and me to that kind of worship – where we will do things that will bring smile in the face of our father, whatever it may be.  

With that said, let us jump into the meditationToday morning I want to talk about a conversation that I had with a good friend of mine, Pastor Brandon – couple of days ago.  Hewas talking about one of the report received from the spies when they went to survey the promised land and here is what it says in Numbers 13:33,
“There also we saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak are part of the Nephilim); and we became like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.”
We may wonder that the people of Israel staid forty days for the return of their spies – and as the messengers returned, they had a report and here is how the majority of the spies thought of themselves… “we became like grasshoppers” –  It is an exaggerated report but since they thought of themselves as grasshoppers even the enemies looked at them in that same way.
Based on this report, the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness and many of them didn’t even make it to the promised land.   I was thinking, these guys need a psychological analysis… or they have ADD (Attention Deficiency Disorder )…
Ask me why I am thinking that way – you see, they completely spaced out who their Lord is…


  • The one who sent the plagues on Egypt & forced Pharaoh to let them go.
  • The one who had divided the waters of the Red Sea for them, & then closed those waters upon the chariots of Egypt.
  • The one who had given them water in the desert when they were thirsty, & manna when they were hungry, & quail when they wanted meat.
  • The one who had been with them all through the wilderness as they headed for the Promised Land.
  • The one who had led them by a pillar of cloud by day, & a pillar of fire by night.
They had even heard His voice in the midst of the thunder & lightning & smoke on Mt. Sinai as He prepared to give them His commandments.
What did they see? They saw themselves as grasshoppers. They saw the enemy as giants. And they didn’t see God at all.  They felt insecure and discouraged… and from time to time, we go through the same phase as well – and we not prone to this thought process.   But what I am here to say is, our security is not on the things that we own or what we posses, but in the Lord whom we trust.  
Here is an illustration that I read recently, that caught my attention…
Leon Evans tells about the time he went to the mission field & visited a medical missionary who was about to perform surgery. The missionary invited him to come into the operating room & observe major surgery.

He agreed, & walked into the operating room, & immediately he was confronted with the oppressive nature of the surroundings. No air-conditioning, so it was hot & humid. The lighting was pretty dim, & the equipment was antiquated.

So because of that, the very delicate surgery took much longer than it would have if it had been done here in the United States. And the doctor was literally exhausted when he finally came to the end of the lengthy procedure. He was totally worn out.

After it was over & he was mopping his brow, Leon Evans said, “I looked at him, & asked, `How much money would you receive for that surgery if you performed it in the United States?’” The doctor smiled & said, “Thousands of dollars, I guess.” Evans asked, “How much will you receive for it here?”

The missionary thought for a moment & said, “Here I will receive the smile of my patient, once she is better. And the approval of my Master.” That’s the best security.
Amazing, how many times, we travel on the same road where many, many accidents happen– but we come home safe – hand of protection from our Savior is all over us and our families… how many people in the hospital die, because they inhaled a gas that they are not supposed to… and yet we are close to many – but the Lord keeps our lungs clean… One time, Dr. Brown (Pastor from Hickory Baptist Church) said, that his car tires run longer when we he doesn’t have enough money for his family… I have felt and lived those moments many many times in my life – I am sure you do too…   The food in our pantries extends… Crazy Love Pastor – Francis Chan says, one time when they needed to feed thousands, the warehouse refrigerator broke and asked them to come take all the meat before it gets wasted.  
What am I saying – we are not grasshoppers by no means of a stretch when… We are secured in the Lord!
Yesterday, there was something that happened in Bank of America, where all the community service organizations came together and said in one accord that they want to come behind Proverbs226 for the back to school event.   The magnitude of what they said is – pretty huge.   Proverbs226 is going to be exposed in all the major locations within the Bank of America’s headquarters in Charlotte – with a banner that talks about Proverbs226… isn’t that amazing.  
And I was thinking, about the grasshopper analogy that Pastor Brandon was talking about – and said to myself, that’s right, we are not grasshoppers not ants, we are “the Generals” of the Lord’s army and we are received with honor, not because of what we do, but because of who we are in Christ… and the banner that we carry on our shoulders is much higher than the world carries.  
Jesus carried a cross up a hill & allowed cruel men to nail Him to that cross. And in what seemed like defeat, He won the victory over all the forces of evil & hell.  
When we walk into a room, we need to know that we are sons and daughters of the Living God.   We carry the banner of the Lord, that put an end to the evil and its power. 
Today morning I am here to encourage you and me – to see us like how the Lord will see us… We are the General’s and the Ambassadors of His Kingdom.    Our father owns everything and anything – and it is at His disposal, men are made great and given strength.  
With that happy note, let me wrap this meditation… Have a wonderful day in the Lord!  May the good Lord bless you!
Kind Regards,