Caregivers Corner

caregiversThank you for all you do! We care about you.

We want to help restore lives one step a time.

    • Restoring children with dad/mom
    • Helping 
    • Praying 

Caregivers are the caretakers of future generations. With our mission and purpose we want to be able to restore, facilitate and pray for a full restoration of families. Providing events such as Forgive me, Dear – Back to School Celebration – Coffee with moms – Camp Hope – Dinner & Show.

Coffee with moms is an event made especially for caregivers.

  • keep you informed about Proverbs 226 events, activities, and programs
  • introduce you to any new programs
  • update your contact information
  • submit any documents, forms, applications needed
  • give all the caregivers a chance to meet each other
  • come together in prayer
  • find out the needs of the families & give referrals
  • recruit ambassadors for Proverbs 226

Click here to update your family contact information.