“Flapping” or “Gliding”, is a choice…

Dear Saints of the Living God – Praying for God’s Grace and Mercy to flow through you and your family.

James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded”.

This verse talks about how we should be grounded in the Lord; coming closer to God, in both good and bad days;   What happens when we stay closer to His presence?  It is an intentional choice that we make.

I tend to not read that much of secular books, and my justification is always that I don’t have time even to read God’s word but over the weekend, I ran across an article in national geographic book, it is about how scientists saw an unusual sight in the neo-tropical rain forests…

Brown or clear winged butterflies gliding just above the forest floor, “like leaves floating on a stream” says University of New Orleans entomologist Phil DeVries.

butterfliesThe whole article is about whether it is a ground effect and/or aerodynamic phenomenon that occurs whenever wings are near a fixed surface.


Have you felt this kind of effect, as if you are floating?  Sometimes, we feel that when the plane is about to land…

When these butterflies are staying closer to the ground, the ground effect increases lift and decreases drag.  Isn’t that amazing?   Life happens, but as we start to enjoy the presence of the Lord in our lives, then He He will cause the much needed increase (the lift), so that we don’t get hit by the bumps… Even when we are pulled down by the worries of this world, He decreases your pain, so you can get through the valley.

The study also shows, the same butterflies, when they are flying more than five inches above the ground, they have to flap, whereas when they are closer to ground within five inches from the ground, they glide.

Prof.  DeViries  further explains, these species of butterflies glide near the ground causes them to be energy-efficient.   That’s right,  when we start to loose energy over what is happening in our life, it starts to exhaust us and our energy to do God’s work starts to deplete. When we start to feel like you are loosing energy fighting – then know this for sure, you are not gliding, toiling night and day and it is going to cost you something.    Studies shows that people make more mistakes when they are exhausted.

I don’t know what is going in your life, but take an inventory and see if you are flapping or gliding… We are like these butterflies as well, it is a choice that we need to make – can we flap through our problem, probably yes… but when we learn how to glide by staying closer to our Savior, then this life will start to become enjoyable, and you will sleep better, knowing that your assurance is in the Lord, just like David says in Psalms 4.

My prayer for you and me is, that we start to glide, and not loose your energy – exhaustion is not God’s design for your life and mine.

May the peace of God that transcends all understanding be with you and forever…