Graduation Event: Kids Going to college – 2016!

We had a quiet evening with our children!

We have 18 fresh new graduates are going to college this year – and with this, we have 38 children going to college.  – isn’t that amazing. 4 years ago, we couldn’t even find one kid – it is nothing but God’s grace and mercy. What God was reminding is, that this is just a beginning!

As i was sitting in the room, watching each of the graduates present their views, and their GPAs,  it felt like listening to old traditional song, enjoying the words – without much domination of music. It was a simple and elegant service as we elevated the name of our Savior, in the presence of these kids…  The children did a great job, showing their true color of what made them valiant. Some of the kids are the first ones in their generation to go to college. One of the kid, is going to college by practically raising herself, with 4.7 GPA.

Bishop Mike Perry did an awesome job with his key note speech. So are the other speakers…

Pastor Jermaine (from Redemption) did bring the presence of the Holy God as he blessed the children and lead the night into blessing the children with prayers!

Thank you for your continued prayers, which is what keeps this journey so beautiful!