Great is thy faithfulness!

Dear Saints of the Living God, Grace and Mercy to you and your family!

As we are getting ready to begin this beautiful week, I want to write this morning about God’s faithfulness… The last couple of days, I have experienced in more ways, His righteous right hand over the ministry.   There is a beautiful songs that has come to my mind… by Thomas O. Chisholm, “Great is thy faithfulness”,

Great is Thy faithfulness! Great is Thy faithfulness! Morning by morning new mercies I see All I have needed Thy hand hath provided Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me!

In one place, it says, “Thine own great presence to cheer and to guide;”, His faithfulness is so remarkable , that He sends His presence to cheer us when we are down and guide us when we are lost…


I am completely amazed by God’s faithfulness… Have you ever run into situation, where you thought there is no way to accomplish unless God comes for rescue?   And out of nowhere, you found the help show up.   I am not sure how faithful, we are to this Loving Savior, but His love and faithfulness never quits.   That’s why Psalmist is saying in Psalms 89, “Your faithfulness also surrounds You”.

I was in search of the word faithfulness and in KJV, King David is the one who sang and spoke the most about God’s faithfulness.   And I was looking for the meaning, it says, “To follow through with a commitment regardless of difficulty.”;  Faithfulness is a noun, there is an absoluteness in it. 

Jesus when talking to His disciples in Matthew 16:21, He brings His disciples together, & tells them that He is going to Jerusalem. He tells them, “I know what will happen there. I’m going to be arrested, & beaten, & crucified. But I’m going anyway.”; Jesus was determined that no matter what happens in there, He would be faithful to the mission God had for Him to do. So “steadfastly” He goes to Jerusalem. In His ministry Satan tried to tempt Jesus to be unfaithful. “Don’t go to the cross. Don’t die for their sins. Just quit. It’s going to be too tough. There will be too many obstacles, too many difficulties. Just turn around & quit.” Yet here the King James Version tells us that “Jesus set His face steadfastly toward Jerusalem.”


Over the weekend, we packed 600+ school bags for the children, and we had so many challenges and hurdles along the way, but the Lord showed His faithfulness every step of the way.

We may think, ah – this is just stationary…. Or just school supplies, but let me tell you – there were so many fathers that cried over… and the hearts touched… one thing, that touches there heart is their children.   They were so appreciative of what is going on for their children.   I am sure there is a father in there, who cries out the God of this universe, that He wants to be part of his son or daughter’s life, and the Lord is showing His faithfulness to this father by sending the help. 

Here is one of those incidents that happened during the weekend at Lee:

As we were getting ready for Lee on Saturday morning, we found out that we didn’t have enough supplies to complete the day… and so couple of our volunteers went to shop in Bishopville and the nearest wal-mart is about 45 minutes away and since we didn’t have that much of time, they scrambled along the way to find any shop, and found a place in the middle of nowhere… and as they started pulling things together, the manager of the shop found out about our mission and said, I will not charge full – instead he took 50% off of everything… To tell you the intensity of this, the team was trying to get the supplies for about 100 children and the manager took off the price for 50 of them out… God’s faithfulness.

So many of them came and said, it made me feel like the father again.  God’s faithfulness!

It is God’s faithfulness that send a raven in the middle of the wilderness to feed the prophet;   the thing is, ravens have an attribute of eating anything that they get, but God uses even them to send the help for the prophet – isn’t that amazing, that’s God’s faithfulness.    

I am not sure what is going on in your life this morning, but the Lord will send the help that you and me needed at the right time!

He has got you and me tattooed in the palm of His hands; you and me have permanence written in His Kingdom. We may go through a period of discouragement and disappointment, but the Lord whom we serve is faithful till the end.  

  • The Lord who was faithful to Hannah to give Samuel is alive and faithful.   The enemy might have shut all the doors, just like Hannah, but when she got on her knees, and cried out to the Lord, He heard her cry – and opened her womb.
  • The Lord who sent the sheep in the middle of nowhere for Abraham, to substitute for his son is still alive and same.  
  • The Lord who multiplied the oil for the widow will multiply what you have to bless and prosper you.  
  • The Lord who tied the lion’s mouth is the den, is out there looking out for you and me.

We are serving a BIG Mighty God… We are serving a God, that was faithful in leading millions out of Egypt, fed them for 40 years, and clothed them and took them to the promised land! We are serving a God, that was faithful to make a shepherd boy into the King of Israel… Don’t lose your heart!

When the problems and challenges are much bigger than what we can handle, it is His faithfulness that gives us the peace, protection and permanence.  


Let me close with this, over the weekend, I heard something very beautiful – you know why Jesus was sleeping in the boat, when the experienced fishermen were scrambling and shouting for help, in the midst of the storm? Because He has “the Authority” over the wind and the waves. That’s why He was resting peacefully in the boat.   Even today, we need to have the same rest and peace over everything and anything that goes in our life, knowing that He is faithful and HE has complete authority over everything that is in this universe.  

He is faithful! His mercies are new every day!