Have you found your “Green Pasture” yet?

Dear Saints of the Living God – Grace and Mercy to you and your family!

As we are wrapping up the last 4 months of travel and meeting with all these fathers and mothers, and the children in 13 prisons and 4 states – amazing to watch how much He cares for those people…  Sometimes, we get busy in doing things for the Lord, we tend to forget to stop and Thank Him or get on our knees to go before Him and ask – is everything that I am doing is for building Your Kingdom or mine…  or even rest on His lap and just enjoy His presence…


It reminds me of Psalms 23, where King David says,

“He makes me to lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside the still waters.
He restores my soul;”

You see, David lived near Palestine, and if you look everywhere in that country, it is only dry land – and with not much of water, there is no way, there is any green pasture in the natural realm…  but to this sheep, the Lord has put a patch of green pasture, where it can lie down in peace.  It is such a beautiful picture of restoration – where we source our energy from.    Yes, it is true that He is sitting on the Throne, where the thunder and lightning and 1000s of angels worshiping Him –  but He still speaks to us, when we lie down on his chest and enjoy His presence.  That’s why Psalmist is saying – He restores my soul.

Recently, I saw a man in South Dakota prison, when he came into prison, his family completely disowned him… and even his mother didn’t know where he was – the life moved on, and when he came to realization that he needed the family, he wasn’t able to find them.   In the meantime, 7 years went by… and he started to pray and ask God to restore His family.   It was almost like the prodigal son in the pig’s pen,  made up his mind to go back to his father.     When he stood up to give testimony about his life – I saw a peace in his face, that’s unquestionable… how did this transformation happen?  When he found a way to rest on his Father’s shoulders,  the Lord restored this man’s soul…

Have you found your green pasture?  If not, today is the day and now is the time… Restoration, the heavenly father gives is real… Don’t look at the world for the answers, they don’t have one.

The peace of God that transcends all understanding be with you and your family today.