Hmm… you need the wings like an eagle – huh?

Dear Saints of the Living God, Grace and Mercy to you and your family!

This morning, as we are sitting in Durham, getting ready to go to Central Prison, which is one of the oldest prisons in North Carolina, it has been in service since 1884.   I was asking God, we have done everything – but how shall we prepare for this day… The Lord has been talking about sourcing that energy from the master source supply chain…

The Bible says in Isaiah 40:31

But those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.

I am thinking, God – I need those wings like an eagle, and God says,  then wait like an eagle…

I am looking online to see, what does it mean… and found out that, when the eagles get older and become 30… their body conditions make them difficult to fly or survive.   And they go to the mountain top and retreat for 5 months – they go through metamorphosis, retreat from every activity and wait… they bang against the rock to get ride of the old beak… they pluck the talons and then feathers… each stage produces a re-growth of their removed body parts, allowing them to live for 30 – 40 years…  waiting for 5 months for the re-generation…

if an eagle can see another soaring eagle 50 miles away – why is it sitting… or tilting its head – renewing its strength, and waiting for the right moment… and if an eagle, who is less of a species compared to human being, wait… how much more we need to wait on the heavenly father to mount on the wings like an eagle.    Halleluiah!

When we wait on the Lord, we get fresh strength to spread our wings and soar like an eagle. When the storm comes, every bird will go look for a shelter, but not eagle, they use the current of the storm and soar to a greater height.

I have no idea, what is going on in your life today – but I am encouraging you to wait on the Lord.   If there are things in your life that is causing you to threaten the survival on this earth – then, ask the Lord to take you through the metamorphosis – and get ride of old habits and ask God to re-generate new energy in that area…  retreat yourself, go to the mountain top and ask God to fill your heart with fresh energy… Nothing is done, unless my God says, it is done.

Even if you feel like you are in the eye of the storm, the heavenly father will give you peace that transcends all understanding.

Here is a beautiful song, that goes with the verse that we pulled up this morning…