Leave the stump alone!

Dear Saints of the Living God … The bible says, “His grace is sufficient!”, this morning, i speak that as a blessing in your life and mine.   His grace is sufficient for you and me.  When all else fails, there is one thing that we wont loose in this life — that’s HIS Grace.

Here is a beautiful song that talks about God’s grace.

Many times I’m tried and tested
As I travel day by day
`Oft I meet with pain and sorrow
And there’s trouble in the way.
But I have a sweet assurance
That my soul, the Lord will lead
And in Him there is strength for every need.

That’s right, we can tell our soul… That His grace is sufficient for me…
The last couple of days, the Lord has been speaking to me through people about visions and dreams and i want to pick up another one of those visions and apply them to our life.   I haven’t seen much of this in English movies, but in Indian movies, when the hero enters the first scene, it will be a grand entrance with music and noise…    The same way, if some Indian director is going to make a movie out of Chapter 4 of Daniel, there will be a grand entrance planned with music for Daniel…

There are 2 visions in this chapter, the first one is, how the tree will grew and become strong, its height reached to the heavens… and it was all about prosperity;  and the let us pick on the 2nd vision, where it is talking about chopping down the same tree and cutting off its branches.   Both these visions are about prophecy over King Nebuchadnezzar…  but the principle that comes out of this vision still applies to us.

“Nevertheless leave the stump and roots in the earth,
 with a band of iron and bronze,

In the tender grass of the field.”

When you get a chance, i would like for you to read the entire chapter… There are times in our life that we will go through the life of prosperity… but there are times, we may have to be humbled and feels like everything is cut off.    But even when everything is cut off from your life, the Lord says, “Nevertheless”…  that’s right.   The Lord will leave the stump and the roots alone.

There are times, the Lord has to teach us a lesson, that is not earthly but prepare us for the heaven-lies. It is time to get the training started!  God will get our attention, and usually it is not when things are prosperous – but when we are down and under.   It is not like God wants to bring bad things in our life to get our attention, but He is telling us – it is about time, to change and prepare you for the next level.  

Our God is not only the Lord of what you got, but also the Lord of what you have left with.   Even when we allow the enemy the stronghold to take everything out of us, He will not let the enemy to touch the stump nor the roots… why?  He knows there is life in that stump… I want to say this boldly this morning, that God is Sovereign and in control of your life and mine.

If you have lost everything that you have got – then the Lord is saying, those are not needed to fulfill the purpose and plan that i have for you.   Remember, the enemy comes to steel and destroy, but my Savior will come to restore what you have lost.  If the Lord has let you loose something, rest assured that He has left you something.

If God wanted to wipe out every human being from the face of the earth – He wouldn’t have left 8 people on the boat, that Noah has built.

Take the life of Job, and when satan comes and asks permission to take all the stuff away, the Lord says, you cannot touch his body… You know why?  The Lord wants to leave the stump alone.   The second time, when satan comes to ask if he can touch his body – the Lord says, you cannot touch his breath.   What God is telling the hell is, leave the stump alone – i am going to grow a tree out of it.

As some of you know, last week, my daughter met with the major accident, and when i got a chance to sit down with her to talk,  here is what she said, “Appa, i need to get right with God”.   And without knowing this conversation, 2 days later someone prophesied over her said, God wants to get her attention, what am i saying – there are times, the Lord takes things out of us, so that He can leave just the stump alone.  And He will use what is left to glorify His name and His purpose.

Even today, i am not sure what is going in your life, but what God is telling you and me is, Trust me, hang on to my promises… Be like Job, when in the midst of loosing everything he said, “Though He slay me, yet will i trust Him”.  In the end, you will come out as Pure Gold.   in the end, you will be blessed with double the portion… In the end, you will see the glory of the Lord revealed through your life.   I am here to encourage you – that the Lord is going to use the stump to restore the years that locust has chewed from your life.

Let me close with this chorus…

And what joy fills my soul,
Just to know, just to know
That His grace is sufficient for me.

Remember, the Lord has dreamed about your life, even before you were formed in His womb.

May the good Lord bless you!


In Christ!