Mount on the wings, you are meant to fly!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ – Grace and mercy to you and your family!

This place, where we live is not our final destination, it is just a journey;  when we lift our hands in worship and surrender ourselves this mighty father, then we get a glimpse of heaven… today morning, I am inviting you loose yourself in the presence of the Lord as we enter His courts with Praise and dancing… in the throne room, the King of kings and the Lord of lords is sitting… we are filled with His majesty swirling around us like a cloud… there is a calm water that flows from the throne… ohh…. there are angels everywhere singing, “Holy, Holy, Holy”… there is nothing that they utter other than saying, “Holy, Holy, Holy”…   when we look around in the throne room, there is joy and happiness and content among every creature that we see in that room… they are all shouting, singing and praising the King of kings and kings, as they are waiting for new anointing… it is a state where we are drenched – with His magnificence… His majesty… His power swirling around us, it is not enough;  

I want us to go to this place every opportunity that we get,  asking the Loving father, it is not enough… we want more; more of His presence, His power – and that there is nothing in this world can take us away from Him, who is so much abundant in nature.  _________ This life that we are living has challenges and uphill battles, and we are constantly in the mode of thriving for things.   Have you ever felt like, why can’t these things happen to me easily – and why am I fighting for even small things that can be made easy.   Today morning, I want to talk about what the bible says about this area.

Let us go to the well-known place in Isaiah 40:31,

But those who wait on the LordShall renew their strength;They shall mount up with wings like eagles,They shall run and not be weary,They shall walk and not faint.

This verse is talking about renewing our strength as we wait on the Lord, but the part I want to jump in is, the verse “they shall mount up with wings like eagles”…

A study that says, in this world there are over forty species of birds which do not fly. They have feathers. They have wings. They have all the necessary essentials to fly but for some reason, and many of those differ, they just do not fly. 

The research also shows, when they studied further about these birds to look for specifics on why they don’t fly – and here is the findings: in the places where they live:

They don’t have predators; All the food they need and nesting conditions are perfect;   they have no need for anything, and hence they don’t fly.  

Isn’t that amazing, they have all the essentials to fly – but they don’t. That’s exactly the place where the enemy wants us to be, given everything – so that we don’t soar like an eagle… he doesn’t want us to fly, instead make us dumb by giving us everything next to us.    


Wings, at our disposal
When you get a chance, I encourage you to go and look in the skies on a bright sunny day, for an eagle or some other kind of large bird way up in the sky just floating along in the current of the air?

I have been told that when those birds get in those wind currents all that they have to do is just hold out those wings.  What I am trying to say is pretty simple and basic, When the current is high and things around us look like out of control, there are only 2 things that we can do –

  1. We can get on our knees, and go to the Lord in Prayer and
  2. Open our mouth wide and fill them with Praise.   

Those are the 2 wings the Lord has given to us to fly when the currents are high. It is that simple! We have complicated our faith way too much with complex models. The Lord wants us to soar like an eagle… As we saw earlier, some species of birds went without flying for so many generations they simply forgot they could fly! Even though they were created to fly with wings – they lost their ability and thought process for generations…  In Isaiah, the Lord is saying, we have the capability to mount up with wings like eagles, the wings that will help us to face the giants, the wings that will hold up steady, when the things around us look bleak nor with any control;

Flying Lessons from the Lord

The way eagles teach the baby birds to fly, is to carry the young ones to the highest place where they can go and drop them – and as these baby birds not know what to do, they tend to flap their wings… and before they hit the ground the momma bird will catch them and go back again and drop them,  and soon the young ones learn how to fly.   The Lord does the same thing to us as well – He takes us to the height, the unknown territory – and drop us – so we will learn to trust with the wings that we have at our disposal, “Prayer and Praise”.  

When we turn the pages of the bible to see some of the most powerful people – and how they were taken to the highest place and got dropped …

  • Paul, learned to fly, when he was completely stripped on the road to Damascus
  • Elijah, learned to fly, when he was running for his life, in the cave. If only he was gloating over the miracle that he performed, he would have become like those birds that didn’t know how to fly.
  • Moses, had to go out of Egypt for 40 years, to learn how to fly – and then the Lord showed up in the burning bush.
  • David, soared like an eagle, when everything was stripped away from him in ziglag.
  • Jehoshaphat learned how to fly, when all his enemies camped outside his city

We have many, many more characters in the bible, all learned to fly – when nothing was given to them… even this morning – my encouragement to you and me is that – the Lord has given us the wings to fly… and when we don’t know “how to”, He knows how to take us to the unknown territory and drop us in the air, for us to learn how to fly.   We will never hit the ground, because His hands are ready and waiting when everything else fails… This life is a journey… Every day, we are expected to fly..

Even today, we can fly spiritually when the things around us doesn’t look favorable, just like these children of God, all they did is, mount on the wings like an eagle and stretched their hands with what they had in their hands – “Prayer and Praise”. If you feel like you are in the air, and not really sure what to do, then increase the efficiency through fasting and prayer… the Lord will break the strongholds and bring victory in the areas that needs supernatural intervention…

Mount on the wings, you are meant to fly!