Tell the devil… “to go to hell” (Part 2)

Dear Saints of the Living God – Grace and Mercy to you and your family…

Over the weekend, I was at Redemption listening to Pastor Ron, and he said something very remarkable – lot of companies work hard in creating brands, for their products and their services, mainly to tell the people what to expect, when they buy their product.   The same way, we are created to carry a brand and image of the one who created us; how do we manifest our brand, for example, if we are showing up in a room, then the people in that room should have some level of an expectation about us – that our Jesus will show up… and that His grace is in the room.

Lot of times, that’s what the enemy is after, to destroy the testimony, that you and I carry. To tarnish the carrier of this brand, because he cannot do anything to the product or the brand name – that’s why we need to tell the devil to go to hell.  

Today morning, let us continue our journey in meditating on what the psalmist visualizes and says on the same thought process… and so let’s turn the pages to Psalms 23… and verse 5

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows.”


This is a beautiful imagery that David had, since he was a shepherd – he is using the terms that he is familiar with.   Every day, the job of the shepherd is to take the sheep out of the pen in the morning, and spend the whole day either in the water front or in a field where the sheep can go and find its food… but as the evening comes, one of the task the shepherd does is, open the sheep pen, and start counting them in.


Here is where the creativeness of David comes, once the sheep are inside the pen, the Lord is preparing a table, while the enemy is waiting and watching from outside the pen; what is he saying – the Lord not only protects us by bringing us in to the secret place of the most high, but he also prepares the table in presence of the enemy – while the enemy watches us from the outside the pen.  This verse is not talking about when we get to heaven and that the Lord is preparing the table – because there is no place for the enemy in heaven… It is now, and when we are in the midst of the enemy.


Imagine this, if the Lord has prepared you and me the dinner, it will have no shortage, it will not be low quality food or burnt down, (which is what the enemy wants in our life), instead it is prepared with such love, tenderness and care.   Not only that, when the Lord has prepared the table, then He is also going to sit down to dine with us.   Revelations 3:20 says, “I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me…”;


You know what, all these are happening in the presence of the enemy. It tells the enemy how important we are to Him. I am not sure what is going in your life this morning – it could be that you have been chased by the enemy because of our wrong doing – or you are hurt because of a betrayal, or you might be going through financial scorching; I am not saying that we have a hardship free life – we do have them but the Lord is saying, I am your Savior, I am your good shepherd – and I know what your needs and there is no weapon that is formed against you, will ever prosper, and the enemy can never, ever come up with a weapon that can pierce through the walls that He has created. As we take the refuge in His presence, we can boldly confess that the days of the enemy is over and sealed in the name and blood of Jesus.


Anoints my head with oil

Even when we make a mistake and fall into a pit, the Lord will change the circumstance in our favor – because You and I are the apple of His eyes… that’s why the Lord has to freshen us with anointing our head with His oil.   Oil is considered to be a medicine but also a healing agent.


The Lord has been working in my life on the area of pride.   There is a thin line that separates our action between pride and the assurance that we have in the Lord.   And so, I have made a list of people, whom I have to make peace with – and that’s when you need lot of this oil, to give the strength to swallow your pride… I met with the first person in my list yesterday to make peace.   It is a response to what happened 2 years ago… The Lord has to pour this oil of healing in our head constantly…


When the oil is poured in our head, the healing of our Savior will not only pass through every nerve of our body but also to the one that come in contact with. It is an antibiotic, that cleanses us from all uncleanness before we are brought to the table.


My cups runs over…

The enemy wants to rob the joy out of our life, but the Lord says, I am going to pour on you so much of grace, that it provides the necessary ingredients not only for your life, but it will run over the cup and bless another that is running short.


Let me close with this thought…
Lot of times, the shepherd will sleep inside the pen as well, and never go home… you know why?   They don’t want the enemy to bother the sheep even while they are resting and sleeping in the night inside his protected walls… that’s how much he cares about his sheep. If that’s how much a normal, human shepherd cares for his sheep, how much more will our heavenly father and a good shepherd cares about you and me… He will never leave us nor forsake us.

What can we tell the enemy who is watching and waiting outside the pen… that’s right – “go to hell”… My God has prepared a table, He has anointed my head and poured His grace that runs over my cup…


My hope and prayer is that – these verses and meditations are blessings to you and gives you the strength to carry your day… I know, sometimes it is hard to keep our testimony – but remember, the one who prepares the table for you and me, will give the strength and grace we need for this present day.


May the good Lord bless you!