The healer is in the business of unraveling our life… (Part 1)

Dear Saints of the Living God… Mercy and Grace to you and your family.  The inspiration for this meditation is from a song that talks about unraveling… sometimes, we go through life like we have made perfectly right decision and we have figured out everything and then as the knots get complicated, we try to unravel… and we have 2 options at that time, either we can do it ourselves, or we can allow the Lord to do it for us…

 and I liked this song because it goes like – what the Lord is saying about unraveling,

“I’ve heard you say, “Wait for the better day  
There is purpose, even in the midst of this
And just as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow
I’ll get you through the night”


I am not sure where you are in your life, but the Lord is saying, allow me to be part of your unraveling.    We are worshipping The GOD who knows our every move and our every intent.    I am finding myself in constant conversation with the Lord about everything – and without HIS help, the untangling a decision or the move gets complicated and beyond my reach, but when we bring Him to the picture, then everything seems to be flowing effortless, and this morning – I am inviting you join this journey as we explore how the Lord unravel our complicated lives.


Unraveling should start with PUSH (Pray Until Something Happen):

You might say, c’mon now, we always pray… that’s right.. I understand; There is a difference in prayer, when you are in the middle of life/death vs.   I am going to work- and may God bless me.  


I am talking about a prayer – that comes out of desperation.   I am talking about crying out to the Lord in such intensity, that the heavens should open their balconies to listen… the supernatural becomes natural… the broken marriages are MENDED..  the sickness that has taken the peace out of the families being RESTORED like Job’s life… the other day, I was talking to a grandmother who just had a surgery and the doctors have put screws on her knees… and as she was talking to me, she was in steep pain, and I was silently praying in heart, to give her the strength to bear the pain… it wasn’t an out loud prayer – but I was so grieved in my heart for this old lady – and she was pouring her heart, because of her son who is in prison… after 20+ min, as we were about  to hang up – she said, while she was talking, she felt the comfort and her pain has reduced…  Praise the Lord!   I was praying for the strength to bear the pain, but the Lord was saying, I can do better…


Here is the assurance, there is no sorrow, that is too deep for the Lord to put His hands and Unravel,   there is no pain, that He cannot heal;  there is no problem that is complicated enough;   that’s why it all has to start with us getting on our knees, crying out in desperation.  


Let us jump into the pages of the old testament and see the life of Hannah, she is a perfect example, 1 Samuel 1:5 says, “The Lord had closed her womb”;   This whole thing about childlessness has been grieved her so much, she goes before the Lord and bible says in verse 10,

“And she was in bitterness of soul, and prayed to the Lord and wept in anguish”


Remember that each person recorded in the Bible is a living example to us, not some historic character who has no relevance to our lifestyle today.  There are Hannah’s like you and me are in the world today and there are purposes of God yet unfulfilled. Maybe He has “closed the womb” for a purpose.  Hannah could have turned this disappointment in to discouragement and bitterness towards God, but instead she was not willing to leave the temple, unless she pour her heart before the Lord.   What was she doing?   She was going after the keys to open her womb…


After the prayer, she was so sure, that she makes a vow to the Lord to leave that boy back in the temple.   The Lord got involved in the unraveling because the Lord saw the genuine-ness in her heart.   II Chronicles 16:9 says, “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.”  The Lord is looking for someone who will PUSH today with desperation and surrender.    May be we will get yet another Samuel, when we pray like Hannah…


Have you ever prayed with desperation?   Or you are in the middle of one?  Are you praying for your husband or wife to come to the Lord… Are you praying for your son or daughter, so that the Lord puts His hand on their life to unravel the complications… There is nothing like the praying parent… Are you praying for the finances… I don’t know what makes your heart cry this morning.   The Lord who opened Hannah’s womb, will open your womb as well. 


Before our tears touches the ground, the Lord will extend His hands to catch them… you know why?  He is that close to us.   The Psalmist is saying, “put my tears in Your bottle”… The Lord will give an account for our tears.   The bible says in 1 Samuel, “the Lord remembered her.”… Sometimes, the Lord closes our womb to see what can come out of it.  


The next couple of days, let us explore what are the things that we may be doing, while the Lord unravels our life.   We will also jump into the pages of the bible and see the people who prayed desperate prayers.   I want to get on my knees and cry for me, and the land that we are standing on… We want the Lord to bring the much needed healing.  


The next part of the above song goes like this…

“Broken hearts are the disease of a broken world
Full of people who have locked away the hurt
But the healer of it all is at His work
In our unraveling”


The unraveling has already started, when He died for us, while we were still sinners (Romans 5:8).     My Prayer for you and me this morning is, that the Lord will give us the strength – and we will tell our soul, “the Healer of it all is at His work” in our unraveling.  


Pray until something happens!



Warm Regards,

Cyril Prabhu




Bible says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)