He is “The God” of Encouragement!

 Dear Saints of the Living God, Mercy and Grace be upon you and your family.   There are days, when we wake up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and sit down and pick up the bible … the Lord will speak to you and me in a special way – that’s needed for that that day… “Now” moment – and I pray the same way, the Lord speaks to you this morning as well through this meditation.

Sometimes we are in a great mood and other times we are down… and we need encouragement… the last couple of days, the Lord is bringing people into my life who needed encouragement. You see, the Lord will speak to us when we are down in our spirit, and when we don’t listen, then He will send His angels and when we don’t listen – then He will speak through the people that are close to us, you know why?   He is the God of Encouragement.

Today morning, let us meditate on a simple verse, from Psalms 9:10,

“Those who know Your name will trust in You,for You, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek You.”

 There are moments in our life, when the things are not going well and there is a thick lump in your throat … and those are the times that the enemy is waiting to throw doubts in your heart saying, you are done, this is over, there is no God… I am sure you have run into moments like those … everyone does, no one is ever prone to isolation from those thoughts… but you know what, that’s when we need to tell our enemy, “He is the God of impossibilities” and that you are more than conqueror….  


God never give up on us…

This is the part that amazes me… throughout time, though God’s people often forgot their God, still the Sovereign father didn’t forget them. He kept His word. God didn’t give up. The sky may fall, and the winds may take the roof away from us – but He never gives up….

  • When Joseph was dropped into a pit by his own brothers, God didn’t give up.
  • When the delivered Israelites wanted Egyptian slavery instead of milk and honey, God didn’t give up.
  • When Aaron was making a false god at the very moment Moses was with the true God, God didn’t give up.
  • When Samson whispered to Delilah, God didn’t give up.
  • When David made a mistake with Bathsheba, God didn’t give up.
  • When the children of Israel were taken into captivity God didn’t give up.
  • When Peter betrayed Him 3 times at the fire on the most trying times before He was crucified, God didn’t give up.

He could have given up. He could have turned his back. He could have walked away from the wretched mess, but he didn’t. He didn’t give up.   The same God who didn’t give up then, will not give up now either in your life and mine. ______________

He will never forsake those who seek Him!

I am not sure what your wilderness is, this morning…  

We have do our self a favor to go and stand before him again; Psalmist gets to this place very often, that’s why he writes, “I lift up my eyes to the hills, from where comes my help”.   You know what is even better, we should allow Him to stand before us;  

We should go to our upper room and wait.   We need to wait until He comes.   What I have found in my life is, when we are looking for God’s grace – we need be like the sponge thrown into the bucket of water, the longer we stay the more we soak… The Lord has promised us not to leave us nor forsake us… we have to run our fingers over His feet… and place our hands in his pierced body and look into His eyes, the same eyes that melted the gates of hell and send the enemy to the bottomless pit, is real and true…   He will send us the rescue… He is the same yesterday, today and forever…

Last night, there is someone who works in my team in California was desperately asking for 10 minutes to speak to, and it was really busy day and so by evening, I was pretty much done, but then the Lord prompted me to call her… and when I called her, I soon realized that it was not work related. I know, she had lost a baby couple of years ago to cancer, and now she is pregnant again – and I have no clue how we ended up with this conversation either, but she was crying and saying, that she doesn’t have a heart to lose another baby.   

When her earlier baby boy was going through the rough times, the boy asked her (his mother), is everything is going to be alright, and she has told that dying boy, “yes, mommy is here and everything is going to be alright…” and as she was crying, she said, I lied to that boy, everything wasn’t alright and she had this tiny little boy in her arms when he took his last breath.   How can you comfort this mother?  

I was begging God at that moment to help me to say the right things to her and that she will be ministered… The Lord started speaking life into her situation, it was a powerful moment- and I have no clue where those words came from – but it was for her – and for that moment, The Lord has heard this mother’s cry and sent His words to heal her… and by the time we were finished, she was not only comforted, was starting to find peace with the situation – and she is going to the doctor’s office this morning for the periodic checkup which she was refusing to do – because of the fear that engulfed her… I cannot say at what point, but the Lord started the healing process in her life.

I don’t know whether the Lord was healing her or healing me, because I have been fighting over things that failed in my life in the past… but the healing hand was touching both the sides of the fence.  

There are times, we may not have all the answers, but all we need to know is, that He is in control, He is sovereign, especially when we are in pain like this mother… Just as He listen to the cry of His children in Israel, He listens to us every moment of our life.  

Solomon writes beautifully in the book of Proverbs, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe”… I am not sure what your hurdle is this morning, I am praying as you read this meditation, the Lord will hold you up with the nail pierced hands and bring peace into your situation, that transcends all understanding.   We may not always travel in safe zone, but we will never be alone, Jehovah, our Salvation is with us, as the Lord told Joshua, “for the LORD, your God will be with you wherever you go” ;

My prayer for you and me is, that the Lord will give us the strength and courage to face this day.     He will make His shine up on us, and that we will rub the sweet aroma of our Savior with everyone that comes in contact us today!

May the good Lord bless you!!