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The sand is between our toes and the waves are crashing in the distance
We are soaking up the warm sun, enjoying every moment
This is our happy place

The warm sun is beginning to fade, and a crisp breeze is blowing
We are on the porch sipping a warm cup of coffee, watching the leaves change
This is our happy place

The air is cool, and the ground is being covered in a white blanket
We are unwrapping gifts, feeling nothing but joy
This is our happy place

The flowers are blooming, and the birds are humming
We are planting in the garden, doing what we love
This is our happy place

Our happy place is a distraction
The truth is a nightmare
You left me
I know you had no choice

Outside of these walls and past the barbed wire fence
I don’t know you
I have nothing to cling to
Except daydreams and an empty heart