“Wake up!” – let’s go and search for the spirit of Mother Teresa!

Dear Saints of the Living God – Grace and Mercy to you and your family!

Praise the Lord for yet another beautiful day! King of kings and the Lord of lords is alive… these days, I am listening to some of the old, traditional gospel music.

And one of the songs, went deeper into my soul…  “Nee Unakku Sonthamalave… ”, the songs like how you don’t belong to you any more, as we were bought over by His Blood… and everything that we have is, His… and it goes to say, about how costly we are, that it takes our Savior to give His own life to purchase you and me… Amazing… Praise the Lord!

With that said, let us jump into these seven churches the Lord is talking about… as we read about these different churches, what comes up to the surface is, the amount of love the heavenly father has towards His churches.

Here is a church, that is in a place called, Sardis – described as being “dead” (Revelation 3:1); He doesn’t have to take time to write a letter to them, He can send the angel of death – and remove them without even leaving a small dirt from that place has any life.   He is not even saying – I have nothing to do with you, why? Because He sees the life in the church that He wants to nurture and give life to it.   He is still the Lord and King of every church.

I was wondering what went wrong with this church, Sardis, this is one of the wealthy cities, and it has been a capital for Lydia – is it their wealthy-ness that lead them to complacency in spirit? No, they think, they are alive… isn’t that amazing.   The church thinks the don’t have any problem.   The Lord says, that you have “a reputation of being alive”, looking good from outside, this is probably looks like one of the mega churches, with all the buzz, but when we cut through the outer layer – into their spiritual life – there is no life left behind.

The message to the dead church is very simple – “Wake up!” – hold fast and repent.


Sleeping from what?

We need to wake up to the fact, that anything and everything that we do, is about Him (always!). These days, many of their churches are starting to make their church about “their” pastor – which is the dangerous spot, you know why?   He or She is still a human and can become a prime target – that’s where the death begins. When the glory and honor moves from the one it belongs – then, the Lord moves on from that place – and what is left behind is nothing but shallow worship.

When the men of God are lead into starting a new church, instead of paying attention to the governance, we need to pay attention to the presence of the Lord.

At one point, Mother Teresa has spoken about her mission to Time Magazine,

“We try to pray through our work by doing it with Jesus, for Jesus, to Jesus. That helps us put our whole heart and soul into doing it. The dying, the crippled, the mentally ill, the unwanted, the unloved—they are Jesus in disguise.”

She was making everything about Jesus.. . that’s why her legacy is still alive even after she moved on to be with the Lord. The Lord can reads between the lines, to see what is going in our heart. Are we doing things for the Lord, when we no one is around is seeing or praising you or not.

It is true – that He is sitting on the judgement seat, but He wants to find out whether we are working from the place of love and gratitude.


No “opposition” church!

What is so amazing about this church in Sardis is, that there is no opposition – no Jewish group or Nicolatians or the spirit of Jezebel is bothering – what that means is, there is nothing that they are doing is bothering the enemy. He is leaving them alone. G.B. Caird calls the church at Sardis “the perfect model of inoffensive Christianity”.

The message of Gospel is offensive to the world – I am not saying, we have to pick a fight for everything but there are principles and values that we carry has never been acceptable to the world.

Last week, I was in the midst of Pastors (from Cape Town, South Africa and Columbia, South America), who were prophesizing over this nation – United States… saying, that this nation is standing before the judgement seat, and the “Angel of death” is waiting to strike this place, because of 3 reasons –

  1. Allowing the abortion to happen freely.
  2. Allowing the Sexual immorality.
  3. Separating from Israel.

Any time, you hear such strong words of caution, the best thing for us to do will be to quiet ourselves before the Lord and ask for discernment.   When we go to the word of God, all the 3 things that they are talking has serious warnings against it as well. The one thing that protected a nation like US is there support of Israel in the past, is what Genesis 12 clearly talks about the blessings and the curse for those who bless vs. hate Israel.

They were even more specific about the places where the enemy will hit first.   These men were at Billy Graham association and gave the same message.   We cannot take these warnings light – but as we get on our knees for this nation, the revival is going to breakout.

The church cannot be broken from outside, it is always from inside – and I pray and believe strongly that the world will see the church unite… great and mighty things are about to happen!

Let me close with this thought…

It is about time, we stop giving golf claps to the Lord, we are standing on a warzone… and the enemy that we are fighting is ruthless… we need the outbreak of Revival, NOW!

I heard about a group for Moravians they split from the catholic church about 400 years ago in Germany – and prayed for 100 years for a revival.   Everywhere they went – there was a revival! Early in the 20th century, in the middle of the outburst of Pentecostal revival, Assemblies of God church was birthed.   In the southern part of India, there were 3 men prayed together in a place called Tuticorin, about 50+ years ago, and from there has birthed a national organization called FMPB (Friends Missionary Prayer Band), which is now serving vibrantly in the highly dangerous places in the north to spread the word of God…

What am I saying, all the energy and outbreak of revival that we saw throughout the centuries, were all birthed, in the midst of oppression and the pressure from outside, and how the children of God responded to them, by getting serious on their knees with prayer and worship!

These are end-times, we will see in our life-time, how the Lord is going to be glorified and honored as the churches unite!   Praise the Lord!!