What happened this morning @ White Water Center?

Dear Saints, Happy Saturday!   Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

I want to take moment to Thank every one who sponsored the 5K Race for our team to run… It was an amazing, to see the 25 participants who showed up to run for the 12 kids that are going to school this fall.


We had several of our children showing up at the event traveling 3 – 4 hrs to be there…  Ms. Poole had brought the banner to pull a support for her team… we had sophisticated runners who was wearing trail running shoes to someone wearing slippers… Great day at the White water center!


This is my first time that i am doing a 5K, and i had no clue what to expect, but by the time – i shake hands of the children and the families – almost everyone has already left… and so i was the last one to start… and so as i was walking in – one of the organizer joined me to walk with me… i am sure several of the people who ran this morning are in this mail, will agree – that the trail was beautiful – and we had a pleasant weather…


After few minutes into the trail, i realized, that it is not a straight line, and it is going up and down – and in some places, it was going up steep or slippery… but what was amazing in the whole run is, i didn’t see anyone stop or quit.   They were all going in a steady phase.    And it looked like i have walked – walked and walked, and so by now, i thought, we have gone really really  long, and so i asked the person who is keeping track of the distance – do you think, we would have reached 2 miles, and she said gently no Mr. Cyril, we have only come 3/4 mile… 🙂   And i was thinking… ohh man… but you know what – not just me, but 24 others who were running before me were thinking about one thing – lets send these kids to college.


Needless to say, that i finished last in the race… but it was a  beautiful day!   I give all the Honor and Glory to the Lord, who cares about every single detail in our life…