Sep 6, 2021

Jehovah Sabaoth

Jehovah Sabaoth – The Lord of Heaven’s Army… or Heavenly Hosts…

It is a Military term – but applied to the company of angels in heaven; or to the sun, moon and stars, the “hosts of heaven,” and also to translate “Jehovah Sabaoth,” the Lord of hosts, the lord of the armies of Israel or of the hosts of heaven.


  • Appears 250 times in the Old Testament and twice in the new testament.
  • First time in 1 Samuel…
  • 202 times – it comes only in 4 books of the Bible
  • Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zachariah, Malachi

Have you wondered, why does God need an army – isn’t God tough enough? He is the Lord of Heaven’s army?

  • Why are the other names enough?
  • What does it mean to us?

The question is wrong, we shouldn’t ask – why but instead what does this mean to me.