A Proverbs226 Pre-University Initiative for High School Students.

Kids2college is an evidence-based initiative aimed at aggressively preparing the Proverbs226 children to go to traditional or technical college. This effort is sharply aimed at stopping the children (1 out of 4), who are dropping out of high school.


Bringing educational tools/software and training workshops for high school students. 


Guiding the children to choose the right path towards their higher education.  Whether it is a traditional college with a 4 year education or a technical school.


Preparing them with soft skills, such as money management, taking notes and behavioral skills, such as speaking respectfully with elders,  listening.

Meet the Team

Kid2College will be lead by Eric Standring, Data Strategist and social-activist from California.  He brings a wealth of knowledge working with young children in several initiatives over the last 20+ years.   

Life Skills are trained by Dr. Elizabeth Enns,  who has served as an Associate and Senior pastor, as well as co-founder of Antioch International Church.  She has her a doctorate in Theology and is a gifted teacher, pastor and musician.  Dr. Enns has a passion to see people released into the purposes of God. 

Our Director of Family Relationships is Ms. Sarah Jackson (retired teacher) along with other mothers and grand-mothers, who have their immediate family members that are incarcerated. 

We have established a collaboration with Bank of America, to support the children in the Greater Charlotte area and Charleston area. 


Register your children today! 

During the fall of 2020, we are launching “Proverbs226 – Kids2College”.    This effort is aimed at keeping children, from dropping out of high school.  

We collaborate with corporations like Bank of America, Force Management and other socially conscious corporations to equip these children for higher education.  

Life Coaches are assigned!

Each child will be assigned a Mentor (Life Coach) – who are expected to meet with the students once a month for 12 months. 

Special attention!

Counselors and Clinical Psychologists are consulted in special circumstances to properly intervene and help the Kids2College children re-focus on education and their future.

Proverbs226 – Transforming “One” life at a time!

The children of an incarcerated parent have over an 82% probability of being incarcerated themselves. Every day, over 4,500 children are sentenced to time in prison, jail, or other correctional systems.

Provebs226 is nonprofit organization committed to making a generational impact by making a difference in the lives of children with an incarcerated parent.